Premium Printer Tips To Save On Ink

Premium Printer Tips To Save On Ink

One of the not so well kept secrets of the printing industry is the expenses associated with buying printer ink. Most consumer based printers are based on the premise that eventually the printer ink will dry out and need to be replaced. This is why one can purchase a fairly capable consumer all in one printer at very low prices as this is the intention for those printer companies to rely on buying the printer ink from the very same company. Of course that sounds sneaky to some but in fact it’s the only way printers can be available at these prices and it’s common practice among many industries. Mobile phones with contracts would be another example of this.

That being said, understanding how to save on printer ink would be valuable information to have in order to maximize the full value of your printer. We here at Gateway Technology Industry Co. Ltd deal primarily with printers geared towards small and large business owners and our printers have unique characteristics unlike what is standard for so-called quality printers. While this is so, and if you are reading this and have these needs, please contact us so we can assist you in getting the best value and quality from your commercial grade printer.

For most of the consumer public though, one needs to make the most out of the regular inks and that is what we’ll be talking about here.

Eco Friendly InkTips For Saving On Printer Ink

Choose your printer wisely. Now that you are fully aware of the intention of printer companies, make sure to do your due diligence. Analyze the freely available reviews that one can find on the internet and examine the actual yield and costs of the actual printer cartridges. Yes, we said yield because it’s not the volume of ink that one needs to look at specifically but the actual capability of the printer of judiciously maximizing how much of the ink it needs to produce the quality of print you desire.

Print only when you need to. Yes, this sounds like common sense but even simple things like doing a test should only be performed with the grey scale activated as colored inks are more expensive than plain black. So while running the weekly tests you should be performing to ensure the ink cartridges don’t dry up, use the black and save some money.

Don’t believe your printer every time it tells you to replace ink. Yes, you should immediately look into blinking lights that indicate something could be wrong with your printer but be weary of the replace ink cartridge signal unless you are deeply familiar with your usage and replacement schedule. Placing a small strip of electric tape over the sensor could allow you to eke out just a bit more life out of that supposedly useless ink cartridge.

Go to a nearby ink refill station. Sure generics are not as vibrant as the higher quality inks but again, you must consider this on a job by job basis. If it’s just to print out some colored prints that the quality is not being held to some standard, why must you output with expensive ink? It’s just as easy to swap out the ink cartridge for those higher quality gigs that you will come across. This can be annoying to do if it happens frequently enough but your wallet will be filled a bit more fully if you go this route so it’s your choice.

Hopefully what we’ve quickly went over was useful information for you to save a bit of money on ink replacements. As always, you are free to contact us with any questions or tips you may need regarding your printing needs. Also for those in the marketplace for high quality inks for their printer be sure to check our selection.