Small talks for LED UV flatbed printing machine

Small talks for LED UV flatbed printing machine

Posted by on Oct 17, 2014 in General

Hi friends,  this is Gateway Technology Industry Co.,ltd, established in 1997, specialized in manufacturing flatbed pri nters, LED UV flatbed printing machines. Yeah, you know, we have been in this line for more than 10 years and of course we do have some experience to share with you, which is mainly about what kind of materials could be printed by flatbed printing machines and whether the printing procedures are complicated or not.01


There are eco-solvent and led uv printers in our factory and the inks they used are also quite different. Eco-solvent printers use the water-based inks(C M Y K) and LED UV printers use led uv inks(C M Y K+4W). UV inks have white color which can print on any substrate materials, but the eco-solvent ink just can print on white color materials. Besides this, UV white ink can also print out the 3D and embossed quality, which has the touching feelings.


OK, back to the points, this printer can print directly on phone case, metal, glass, leather, plastic, crystal, acrylic,wood and any flat materials. But the some transparent materials such as crystal, glass and the smoothy metal, we usually spray the pretreatment first before the printing, and the aims by doing this are to make the inks fasten.


More details for uv flatbed printing machine, please kindly leave your messages to us or call our 24 hours service phone call:+8613928994826. Thanks !

Free samples and printing videos could be offered for your reference.

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