Printer Issues – Fixing The Problem

Printer Issues – Fixing The Problem

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Printer Issues – Fixing The Problem

If you’re a business owner, then you understand a reliable computer printer is one of your most valuable assets. It allows you to get a physical copy of any digital data that is stored on your computer. For those who print on physical goods like pens, mobile phone cases, mugs, etc., a printer is even more important as a primary means of generating more business. Knowing this, if your printer ever fails to operate, it could put a serious dent in your business so having a backup printer in place is one way to ensure this never happens. Doing regular maintenance is also highly recommended so you never have to worry about this. What we’re going to talk about in the next few paragraphs are ways to troubleshoot if you didn’t have any of these precautions in place.

Let’s first make sure we’re talking about professional printers such as those sold by us at Gateway Technology Industry Co. Ltd or regular consumer printers you buy at your local electronics store. Professional printing presses get you the highest quality results and highly recommended if you’re using a printer as a primary tool to grow your business. Dedicated techs are available in most areas so contacting them would be the smoothest way to solve your issues while also ensuring quality work is being done.

Digital PrinterPrinter Problem Checklist

So okay, we’ve got that out of the way, let’s see what we can do to check and make sure your printer is still operational. First thing to check is if the printer is powered on to actually print. Even though the device is on, there are switches to actually highlight the print function that need to be correct. Check that it is right and while doing so, inspect the cable connections to your computer as it’s possible that they were loosened for some reason. Make sure no error lights are blinking and lift the paper tray (or whatever you have loaded in there) and make sure there is the proper amount of stock.

Next, verify that you’re using the actual printer. What we mean is check your computer to see if the right printer is being used for the job. This is especially key if you have multiple printers being run by the same computer. You can check this by looking at the details below the print function on your computer (which you have highlighted from the drop down menu). If for some reason the wrong printer is selected, click the triangle button and switch to the right printer to alleviate your issues.

Verify that the current job wasn’t stopped due to a lack of ink or some other issue. Understand that a computer will go through a job step by step. If something in the system is not running properly, it will not continue. Check that the current job is still active by accessing this data through your computer panel. If the job is running, then there is a physical issue involved and most likely a disconnection with the printer.

More than likely though, one part of the process was effected and troubleshooting it will be key in getting things back in order. Wiring connectivity is usually the biggest culprit of any issues. If you run a serious business, wireless should not be an option, and if you are using wireless, that can explain plenty of issues of loss of connection.

As you may have guessed, we only scratched the surface of how to troubleshoot any issues with your printer. For more serious problems, definitely employ a skilled technician as keeping a printer running smoothly requires this type of maintenance to consistently generate the revenues we’re sure it is bringing you. We hope this brief overview has helped and if you have any questions, make sure to contact us today!

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